Beth b.

At first I felt self-conscious about being overweight and out of shape. I quickly came to know that Liza is extremely kind, supportive and encouraging. Her workouts are creative and challenging. She is very knowledgeable and passionate about helping to improve your physical self through good nutrition and exercise. I am starting to see the results of our hard work and it's exciting. I'm a huge fan!!

Solveig G. 

From day one, Liza made no assumptions about what I did or did not know about nutrition and wanted to make sure I had the solid building blocks that I could use easily in my every day life. It's evident in every conversation with her that she genuinely cares about you doing well and I love her calm, collected demeanor. Liza has helped me reach my health and wellness goals and I would highly recommend her for nutrition coaching!


Sonya m.

It has been an exceptional experience to work with Liza. She is a true professional. Liza is always prepared and ready to work with me on the core work as well as on discussing some of my nutritional concerns. She is a kind and compassionate person who is able to listen to me and offer suggestions and resources to meet my needs. I recommend her unequivocally!


Keith a.

Liza has been a delight to work with over the past six months. She is a patient teacher, always encouraging and someone who genuinely cares about helping me reach my goals. Our weekly personal training sessions are carefully thought out and each builds on previous sessions. As someone new to a serious exercise regime, Liza has helped me immensely.


ann c.

After meeting with Liza for the first time, I quickly realized that my knowledge of fitness and nutrition was outdated and that was why I hadn't made any progress. She taught me what to eat, what combinations of food were important in fitness, and how to work out. She is always so supportive and encouraging. She has so much knowledge to share. She knows how to make adjustments to exercises so that I can do them without injuring myself. She knows how to make adjustments to my diet when an issue arises. Liza has helped me to become strong and healthy again. Her kind and supportive presence, her follow up emails have all been and important part of my progress. She is awesome!


Lauren w.

mark h.

Finding the right trainer to keep you motivated and encourage you can be a daunting task. When I met Liza, I was put at ease. Her calm demeanor and positive attitude towards weight loss and goals was reassuring. Liza believes in her clients even if they don’t always believe in themselves. I’m grateful to have her as a supporter in my wellness journey.

Effective Nutritional Counseling: I'm very excited to be losing a pound per week in the two months since first starting nutritional counseling with Liza. I have found her to be a very pleasant and careful listener, but still a professional who consistently emphasizes the same points in easy to remember ways.