nutrition coaching

We begin with an in-depth needs analysis of your nutritional history, current obstacles, background knowledge of nutrition and what you would like to get out of our nutrition coaching sessions. Each person is different and nothing is more important to me than you knowing you have gained knowledge and empowerment to take control of your nutrition after a session with me. Your body and your unique experiences and lifestyle require a personalized approach to all aspects of your eating and nutrition, not a generalized list of nutritional do’s and don’ts or a one size fits all approach in which you are required to follow food rules. Examples of topics that are typically involved in nutrition coaching sessions include but are not limited to:

  • Understanding macronutrients and balancing your macronutrients including an in-depth discovery of carbohydrates, fats and proteins and customized recommendations for balancing

  • Mindfulness around eating

  • How we lose body fat, and keep it off

  • Nutrition paired with exercise: how to make your food work for you to maximize fat burn

  • Portion sizes and food pairings

  • Meal and snack ideas and plans

  • How to overcome a plateaus in your program

  • Nutrition as a lifestyle, creating sustainable and enjoyable changes

  • Grocery shopping and label reading

  • Food quality, how to shop and eat for health

  • Understanding sugar and how to manage cravings

  • Smart snacking

  • Habit formation, habit change and adding new habits

  • Clarifying common nutrition facts vs. myths

  • Plant based eating

  • Eating with food sensitivities or restrictions

  • Strategic elimination diet to identify possible food sensitivities

  • Gut health and weight loss/weight management/wellness

  • Navigating food choices at restaurants, events, and when traveling

  • Intermittent fasting


Nutritional coaching is offered in formats of once weekly coaching, bi-weekly coaching, or once monthly coaching for 3 month blocks.