training & pilates


Liza creates total body exercise programs individualized to a client’s unique needs and goals. With an emphasis on Pilates based training principles of core control and activation, everything you do in a training session with her will help you to perfect form and create lean, toned muscles. Mat Pilates concepts and training are at the heart of every session.

The balanced approach to fitness that Liza applies to each client is meant to create strength and confidence in your movements. The goal isn’t to make you dependent on a coach or one specific program but to instill training principles that you can learn and progress upon from week to week.

Personal training/Pilates training is offered in formats of three times weekly training,  twice weekly training, once weekly training, bi-weekly training, or once monthly training for 3 month blocks.


Be in control of your body and not at its mercy.
— Joseph Pilates

what is pilates?

Pilates is an exercise system designed to emphasize control of movement through a deep connection to core musculature and precise movements. Pilates is a total body workout, but each movement that we practice will emphasize connection to your core muscles, which is more than just your abs! “Core” also refers to your lower back, your obliques (think side body), and your gluteal muscles (butt). Through Pilates based training you’ll be able to engage your core “on command’ and experience a tightened midsection, better posture, improved flexibility, and a deeper connection to your body. Pilates is a mainstay in the routines of top athletes and celebrities for a reason! Pilates changes the shape of your body and creates lean, strong, supple muscles. In this way, Pilates is an incredible system for preventing injury and strengthening deep muscles and smaller stabilizing muscles which are often missed or overlooked in traditional training programs.

Many people practice Pilates to correct poor posture, alleviate back pain, and to improve their form and technique for other activities such as sports or weight training. In Pilates, we emphasize the principles of control, centering, flow, breath, and precision of movements to give our bodies the best results.

In addition, Pilates is very popular for creating a certain aesthetic appearance that many clients are looking for. Pilates movements are what creates the “toned” look and also what tightens our core muscles. When you practice Pilates regularly you will be much more aware of your core even in everyday basic movements. Many clients tell me they feel differently even after just one session and that they feel their abdominal muscles in particular in a new way very quickly. I think of Pilates as the way to “zip up” and tighten your abdominals.

Contrary to the common approach of adding a few “core” exercises at the end of a class or training session, Liza sees Pilates as foundational to exercise and movement as a whole.